Xtrfy B4, Mouse bungee, Black

Xtrfy | Bungee

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Gaming at pro-gamer level! It will undoubtedly take countless hours and days of practice and training to reach true pro gamer status and start making money from gaming. However, in order to be as well positioned as possible from the outset, you should choose your gaming tools carefully.

The B4 mouse bungee from Xtrfy ensures order on the table: the mouse cable is first clamped at the base and then in the particularly flexible silicone arm , which moves with the mouse guide and thus prevents it from getting caught on edges and the like . The B4 mouse bungee has hardly any resistance, so moving the mouse can be extremely smooth.

That works visuallyB4 mouse bungee Extremely stylish: the series follows the color scheme of Xtrfy's Project 4. The solid base of this model is finished in black, as is the detachable arm.