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Liquid Freezer II RGB coolers combine the efficient award-winning Liquid Freezer II PWM pump with new RGB fans optimized for static pressure. This ensures extremely quiet operation constant low temperature and aesthetic design.

The premium radiator is 38 mm. thick with high sheet density. As a result you can use more water and greatly increase the cooling surface. The water has a much higher heat capacity than aluminum or copper which helps maintain a slower temperature rise and up to 5 \u176? C lower operating temperatures in modern turbo mode.

The fan is controlled by PWM and can almost inaudibly cool your voltage transformer and base area to 15 \u176? C. This is especially effective when "overclocking" the CPU.

High quality pipes with integrated cable management. The fiber-reinforced long EPDM tube allows the Liquid Freezer II to be installed even in large enclosures and effectively prevents the coolant from evaporating eliminating the need to worry about refilling a compact water cooling system. Plus thanks to a well-thought-out cable management system it hides the RGB and PWM wires of your radiator fans. This way you only need to connect two plugs to the motherboard which greatly facilitates and speeds up installation.

Intel 1200.
Intel 115X.
Intel 2011-3.
Intel 2066.