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  • Large streaming ring light for your setup
  • Brightness of 2.250 lumens for optimal exposure
  • The right vibe thanks to adjustable color temperature
  • With two camera ball heads and smartphone holder
  • Stable and extendable tripod
  • Two USB charging ports for your smartphone
  • Power supply and carrying case included

The Streamplify Light 14 streaming ring light for your streaming setup

Streamplify has designed this ring light especially for streamers. With better lighting, you can significantly improve the quality of your facecam and video. An even illumination and a soft light bring your features to life and brighten up your stream. In addition to an authentic and naturalvimage of you, your surroundings are evenly illuminated, and the smallest details become visible. In case you ever want to show your stream something special.

This ring light has 72 light-emitting diodes, which are evenly spread over the entire ring and are set behind a diffuser. This provides a particularly soft light. The LEDs reach a brightness of 2.250 lumens, which is enough to brighten up your entire streaming setup.

Always the right light for your mood

Thanks to this ring light, you can adjust your lighting to your current mood or desired vibe. You can configure color temperature in a range from 3.000 to 6.000 Kelvin, which makes the light look cold or warm. Utilising the integrated switch, you can control the ring light's brightness and colour with a simple press of a button.

Stable stand and bright lighting

The Streamplify Light 14 is designed for streamers looking for a bright and standing ring light. With a ring diameter of 36 cm, you get good lighting even in large, dark rooms. The integrated tripod provides a stable stand during your streaming sessions. The tripod can be extended telescopically between 0.5 meters and 1.7 meters in height.

Whether you prefer to use a streaming camera or your smartphone is up to you with this ring light. Two different-sized camera ball mounts and a smartphone mount are included. The smartphone mount is compatible for devices with a width of 76 millimeters.

All mounts are completely modular and can be replaced by you at any time. Plus, if your smartphone battery needs to be charged in between takes, the Streamplify Light 14 offers two additional USB charging slots.