Speedlink - GROUNID OCTA Floorpad 3mm, grey

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Smart movement, smart protection: The GROUNID OCTA is the perfect foundation for extended gaming sessions. You can roll your chair back and forth dynamically without resistance on the stylish base - without risking ugly scratches on the floor. The thickness of three millimeters and the anti-slip coating on the back of the Floorpad provide even more protection – so that nothing slips even during action-packed gaming sessions. The octagonal shape of the GROUNID OCTA not only enables optimal movement of the chair, it is also extremely space-saving.

-Gaming Chair Pad
-Protects the floor from scratches
-Suitable for all gaming chairs
-Surface allows the chair to roll without resistance
-Stitched Hem
-Anti-slip coating on the back
-Dimensions: 120 × 100 × 0.3cm (W × D × H)
-Weight: 2.17kg