noblechairs Memory Foam Pillow Set Fallout Vault Tec Edition

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The exclusive embroidery on both the neck and lumbar pillow represents the iconic Vault-Tec design on a bold, blue backdrop. The neck pillow features an embroidered Vault-Tec logo. The lumbar pillow features the Fallout and Vault-Tec logos, as well as the Vault Boy, the famous mascot of the Fallout franchise.

The memory foam pillow set consists of a neck pillow and a larger lumbar pillow, ensuring that you get the best possible support. The memory foam core is soft and flexible, offering you comprehensive support for the lumbar vertebrae. What's more, the pillows do not lose their shape - even with extended use. The soft neck pillow has an elastic strap that allows perfect positioning and maximum comfort on any noblechairs model.

The Memory Foam pillows have been developed with the previously available chair models in mind. They fit perfectly in the curved lumbar area and on the headrest to allow for maximum comfort and support.