noblechairs HERO Iron Man Special Edition

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noblechairs HERO Iron Man Special Edition


For fans of MARVEL'S Iron Man & premium ergonomic gaming chairs, it's not too much to ask for both! Turn your setup into the HQ of the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist at Stark Industries! Based on the classic colour scheme of one of the founding members of the Avengers, matching extra-wide stitching lines and fine artwork, this HERO takes you on a comfortable journey through the MARVEL universe and world of Iron Man. The special edition comes with the signature of the heavy metal hero himself, rounded off by an almost lifelike helmet embroidery on the back. - The Arc Reactor as the central element of the design and energy source of the suit - Three-colour front with black and gold elements and extra-wide armour stitching - Unique Iron Man helmet embroidery on the back with original signature

- The Arc Reactor as the central element of the design and energy source of the suit.
- Three-colour front with black and gold elements and extra-wide armor stitching
- Unique Iron Man helmet embroidery on the back with original signature

noblechairs HERO Iron Man Special Edition


The largest of noblechairs gaming and office chairs, the HERO Series offers the most advanced backrest with a larger surface thanks to it being both taller and wider, combined with an integrated memory foam headrest it’s the most feature-packed backrest to date. Offering an increased seat base along with larger armrests makes for our largest chair, offering unrivaled freedom of movement and comfort. 

- Increased armrest surface
- Wider seat base
- Larger backrest


Designed in Germany and created in collaboration with noblechairs global partners of esport professionals, the HERO Series brings with it optimized ergonomics making comfort the highest priority over extended periods. The special design of the backrest ensures it conforms to the natural curvature of the spine, helping to better distribute the weight of the user and maintain maximum comfort.

- Memory foam headrest removes the need for an additional pillow
- Designed to perfectly support your back for ultimate comfort
- Adjustable lumbar support and rocking mechanism


Constantly raising the bar for quality when it comes to gaming and office chairs, noblechairs are made with premium materials throughout ensuring the HERO Series offers an emphasis on both comfort and quality.

- Durable steel frame
- High-Density cold foam padding for extended comfort and life
- DIN EN 1335 Certification for office chairs


The high-quality 1.5mm 100% Vegan-Friendly PU Leather serves as the perfect canvas for the Iron Man Special Edition. Inspired by the iconic design of the Iron Man suit, you'll sense the power of the Arc Reactor rise within you, and the truth is, you can be Iron Man too! 

- Durable, easy to clean, water repellent and breathable.
- 1.5 mm thick, 100% vegan PU leather
- Stylish elements inspired by Iron Man and his suit


Sit how you want with the noblechairs HERO Series. Height adjustment paired with our convenient ‘rocker’ mechanism offers a range of motion allowing you to find the perfect position. With 11° of movement on the ‘rocker’ mechanism, and the ability to set the backrest from 90° to 125°, you’ll be playing, watching, or working in comfort at all times. 

- Fast and convenient backrest locking function
- Adjustable seat height
- 90° to 125° of backrest movement


With an increased surface area and an extensive range of movement options, the noblechairs 4D armrests offer a variety of positions that allow you to find the perfect stance for you. Adjustable in four directions, our polyurethane armrests offer a subtly textured surface helping to find a balance between softness and the right amount of grip for the most intense gaming sessions.

- Height, depth, angle, and distance adjustment options
- Polyurethane offering a balance between softness and grip
- Oversized for added support


The foundation of the HERO Series from noblechairs is the powder-coated wheelbase made from solid aluminum with five arms and specially designed castors. These 60mm castors consist of a Nylon core with a polyurethane coating that allows them to be both quiet and suited for use on both hard and soft flooring. Combined with the Safety Class 4 gas lift, the HERO Series has been designed in conjunction with the optimized base to offer support for a maximum load of up to 150 kg / 330 lbs. 

- Supports up to 150 kg
- Safety Class 4 gas lift
- Powder-coated aluminum wheelbase both light and sturdy - 60mm castors designed for soft and hard