Lian Li UNI FAN SL V2 120 RGB PWM Fan, Black - 120 mm, 28mm frame

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  • Black 120 mm PWM fan with an aluminum frame
  • Practical plug-in system and improved daisy chaining for less cable clutter
  • 32 digitally addressable RGB LEDs
  • Speed and lighting controllable via Lian Li L-Connect 3 software
  • Max. 2,000 rpm speed at 29.2 dB(A)
  • Max. 64.5 CFM airflow and max. 2.59 mmH2O static pressure
  • Rubber pads to absorb disturbing vibrations
Note: A Lian Li UNI HUB controller is required for this fan. The fan offered here serves as an extension for the matching triple pack, which includes the controller. The controller is not available separately (article no.: LULI-033).

Lian Li UNI FAN SL120 V2: optimized design combined with enhanced performance

Lian Li has refined their remarkable fans with the UNI fan SL120 V2. Utilising the innovative interlocking capabilities you’ll be able to connect and control up to four fans simultaneously through a Lian Li fan controller. Additionally, two clusters of three fans can be daisy chained together for improved cable management. Alongside its unique interlocking design, the UNI fan SL120 V2 also boasts a 10% improvement on performance to the V1 thanks to a 28mm frame. Furthermore, with Lian Li’s L-Connect 3 software, you can take control of all aspects of your fan's functions including their amazing RGB capabilities.

Unique Design

Lian Li redefined how to connect and control multiple fans with their first generation of UNI Fans. With the V2 Lian Li has taken the design to the next level. Firstly, they have increased the thickness of the fan frame to 28mm which has led to a 10% rise in fan performance. With this improvement these fans are able to achieve an amazing maximum airflow of 64.5CFM, while still remaining whisper quiet producing just 29.2dB(A).

The second refinement Lian Li made to the UNI Fan SL V2 is to their ability to daisy chain. With the first generation of fans, you’d have to connect each cluster to the controller separately, which could lead to some unsightly cable runs. The V2 however is able to daisy chain two sets of three fans together enabling much cleaner cable management.

Alongside these refinements the UNI Fan SL120 V2 continues to utilise the clever interlocking capabilities of the UNI Fan design. This design allows you to connect up to four fans together in a cluster without the need of any cables. Four of these clusters can then be controlled via Lian Li’s L-Connect Controller for a total of 16 fans!

Intelligent Control

Lian Li puts you in control of every aspect of your fan with their L-Connect 3 software. This dedicated program is capable of displaying key performance data including CPU temperatures, memory utilisation, even the capacity left on your storage drives. Alongside this, this software can identify the clusters of fans you have installed in your gaming PC, and how many fans are in each cluster. From it’s easy to use interface you can control the speed of the fans, and how they react to temperature fluctuations. The software includes the standard options for quiet, balanced and high-speed operation and even a zero RPM mode if your computer is idle.

Alongside controlling fan speeds, L-Connect 3 is also capable of managing your fans RGB lighting. You can even assign different colours or effects to individual fans or a fan cluster. Furthermore, you can synchronise the lighting effects to happen over multiple fan clusters for a unique aesthetic.