Lancool III White - 4x 140mm PWM fan

Lian Li | Kabinet

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  • High-quality mid-tower for motherboards up to E-ATX

  • Tempered glass side doors with magnetic closure

  • Large mesh surfaces for excellent airflow

  • Space for up to 420 mm long graphics cards

  • Suitable for radiators up to 420 mm

  • Elegant cable management for a particularly clean look

  • Four 140 mm fans included, up to ten fans possible

  • Up to twelve data drives such as SSDs and hard disks simultaneously possible

LANCOOL III: Mid-tower for efficient air and water cooling

If you prefer classic air cooling, you will really enjoy this case. The LANCOOL III offers options for installing a total of ten fansFour 140 mm fans come pre-installed in the LANCOOL III: three on the front and one on the rear panel. A maximum height of 185 mm is provided for CPU coolers.

  • 3x 120 or 140 fans at the front

  • 3x 140 mm fans on the top

  • 3x 120 mm or 2x 140 mm fans on the PSU chamber

  • 1x 140 mm fan at the rear

Even the installation of complete and custom water cooling systems is easily possible with the LANCOOL III. A 360 mm triple radiator can be installed on the front and on the PSU cover. There is room for a massive 420 mm radiator for extremely strong hardware on the top. Removable brackets facilitate the installation. The bracket on the top also features a G1/4 inch drain/fill port for easy maintenance to your water cooling system.

Elegant design with amazing cable management

The LANCOOL III was specifically designed with cooling powerful hardware in mind and offers numerous air intakes: surrounded by an aluminium frame, the front is characterized by a large-scale and fine mesh, through which the front fans are supplied with fresh air, but repels dust. The lower part of the frame has an aluminium badge with the manufacturer's name. The back, top, and PSU shroud are also equipped with generous air inlets and outlets.

Not only has the LANCOOL III a lot of functionality to offer, it also impresses visually. The tempered glass side panels guarantee an unobstructed view of your installed hardware. Both side panels are hinged at the back of the case and thus easily opened.

Sophisticated cable management

Lian Li provides an innovative closing mechanism: The side doors are fastened via magnet without the use of screws. Additional support is provided by the aluminium cover side panels that open downwards. These provide easy access to the PSU and drives.

For the LANCOOL III the manufacturer also had a particularly clean look in mind when it comes to cable management. A total of eight velcro fasteners allow you to bundle unsightly cables. Four are located at the back of the motherboard tray around the CPU socket of the motherboard, one further down for 24-pin cables and three at the back of the side cover. The bundled cables are then hidden behind magnetic shrouds. This way, you can hide unsightly cables from prying eyes.

Plenty of space for components and drives

The all-white interior offers plenty of space for high-performance hardware, for example, E-ATX mainboards up to 280 mm wide and high-performance graphics cards up to 420 mm long. On the back of the motherboard tray, two 2.5" SSDs can be mounted on individual, screwless carriers.

The right cover panel accommodates up to three additional 2.5" drives on the inside. The LANCOOL III's drive cages have room for four 3.5" or 2.5" drives, while you can fit three more 2.5" drives underneath the power supply cover. The drive trays are all designed to be removed from the case when not in use for a clean look and excellent airflow.

The I/O panel of the LANCOOL III can be mounted on the front, either on the top or on the bottom. This allows you to place your PC on the floor as well as on your desk and always have the best possible access to connect your peripherals. It features a USB-C porttwo USB 3.0 Type-A ports, and a four-pin 3.5 mm jack for headsets.