Glorious MX O-Ring key dampener, hard, short keytravel - 70A, thick

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Mechanical keyboards produce a typical clicking sound. However, this can be disruptive in exciting game scenes, in game chat, when streaming or when working in a concentrated manner. The solution is the Glorious Switch dampers . The MX O-ring key dampeners dampen the keystroke and make typing significantly quieter.

In addition, they change the feel of the keyboard. They influence the drop and the stroke of the keys. This allows you to customize your own keyboard as you wish. These 120 O-rings in the thick version with a high degree of hardness of 70 A ensure a hard keystroke with a short key travel and are suitable for precise and quick typing with clear feedback.

The dampers are made of high-quality silicone and are compatible with mechanical keyboards with MX switches . Because they are made of transparent silicone, they are suitable for LED-illuminated keyboards.