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The Glorious Model O- Gaming Mouse is a gaming mouse with a premium quality optical sensor made by Pixart and that includes six buttons. The sensor offers remarkable tracking precision at up to 12 000 DPI. What is particularly striking however, is the honeycomb design used across the surface of this professional gaming mouse. This makes for a marked reduction in the total weight of the mouse to just 59g. Underneath this, users will notice the stylish RGB lighting, which helps to highlight the inner workings of the mouse. For increased long-term durability, the Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse includes extra durable Omron switches. Of course, the mouse also stands out from the competition in several other ways, not least the fact that it can track at accelerations of up to 50G. In comparison to the model O, the O- offers smaller dimensions and a lighter total weight.

The Features of the Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse at a Glance:

  • Precision tournament-grade gaming mouse with ergonomic honeycomb surface

  • Ambidextrous, six programmable buttons

  • Ultra-accurate 12 000 DPI optical sensor

  • 1000 Hertz polling rate and 1ms response time

  • Designed to track even during 50G of acceleration

  • Low resistance mouse feet and flexible cable

  • Smooth surface, for dry hands

Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse: Tournament-Grade Mouse with Optical Sensor

The modern PMW 3360 sensor from Pixart is capable of unparalleled precision with its ability to track at up to 12 000 DPI. The Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse also offers users the ability to switch between differing DPI levels via a switch located on top of the mouse. The preset DPI values can be adjusted via software. An LED on the mouse's underside shows the current setting, with the colour-coding being customisable via the software. The ambidextrous mouse has a total of six programmable buttons, in addition to the two main and DPI buttons on the top, there are two switches on the right side. The scroll wheel is also clickable.

The special feature of the Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse lies in the use of a honeycomb design on top and on the underside. They reduce the overall weight of the mouse significantly. The honeycomb pattern not only gives the mouse a unique look, it also allows a view of the mechanics of the mouse on the inside. The customisable RGB-LED lighting also helps set add to the overall look of the mouse. Needless to say, the honeycomb design also contributes to the moue feeling cool and comfortable to use over extended periods of time.

RGB-LED Lighting and Onboard Memory

The shape is designed to be used with either hand, with the hand resting on the mouse in as neutral and natural a position as possible, thereby reducing the strain on the fingers when pressing the buttons and avoiding unnecessary movements. Long gaming sessions have also never been more comfortable, due in no small part to its ergonomic shape.

In addition to the versatile DPI settings possible thanks to the high-end Pixart sensor, the Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse also manages to impress in other ways. This includes its ability to handle 50G of acceleration and speeds of more than 250 IPS. The polling rate has a maximum of 1000 Hz. All in all, this is indicative of a mouse that has been created from the ground up to handle fast movements. The large Teflon mouse feet also help minimise resistance during use, irrespective of the exact surface you are using. Add in the extra flexible braided cable, which also happens to be extremely light, and you have a mouse that is so comfortable and light you could be forgiven for forgetting it was a wired mouse at all.

The RGB-LED strips which are located on the sides of the mouse combine with the honeycomb design to make the mouse easy on the eye in aesthetic terms, with 16.8 million colours and eight different effects at your fingertips via the software. The software also offers a variety of other options that combine to make the Glorious Model O Gaming-Mouse into the perfect tournament-grade gaming mouse.

Technical Details:

  • Dimensions: approx. 120 x 58 - 63 x 24 - 36 mm (L x W x H)

  • Weight: approx. 59 g

  • Colour: Glossy White

  • Resolution: max. 12 000 DPI (400, 800, 1600, 3200 presets)

  • Sensor: Optical Pixart PMW 3360 sensor

  • Max acceleration: 50 G

  • Max speed: 1ms (latency)

  • USB: 1000 Hz Polling Rate

  • Lift-off Distance: 0.7 mm

  • Buttons: 6 (programmable)

  • Connection: USB (2m long, braided cable)

  • Lighting: RGB-LEDs (16.8m colours)