Glorious Model I 2 Wireless - Matte Black

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  • Ergonomic, right-handed gaming mouse
  • Wireless connection via 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth 5.2 LE
  • Battery Life (estimated, without RGB): 110 hrs (2.4 GHz), 210 hrs (Bluetooth 5.2 LE)
  • Ultra-lightweight at just 75 g
  • Nine remappable buttons including two swappable magnetic side buttons
  • Glorious BAMF 2.0 optical sensor up to 26,000 DPI
  • Adjustable debounce time between 0 and 16 ms
  • Lift Off Distance (LOD) between 1 mm and 2 mm
  • Accelerates up to 50 G
  • Iconic honeycomb design available in black or white

Ascended Gaming with the Glorious Model I

Ascend to the next level of competitive gaming with the Glorious Model I 2 Gaming Mouse. This wired mouse is well suited for medium to large hands and is ultra-lightweight, at just 75 g.

This mouse is a blend of comfort and versatility, thanks to the ergonomic shape and innovative swappable magnetic buttons. Shaped for the right hand, the shell features the iconic honeycomb, allowing the RGB lighting to vividly shine through. Plus, thanks to the Glorious BAMF optical sensor, this mouse is sensitive up to 19,000 DPI with a maximum tracking speed of 400 IPS. Effortlessly glide across your mousepad and into battle.

Wireless or Wired Connection

You can use the Glorious Model I 2 Wireless without the tangle of cables, via Bluetooth 5.2 Low Energy or, thanks to the included USB dongle, via latency-free 2.4 GHz transmission. If the battery runs low, just connect the mouse with the included cable and simply continue playing while it recharges.

Plenty of Adjustable Options for Gamers

The modern BAMF 2.0 sensor from Glorious scans with up to 26,000 DPI and impresses with unattainable precision. The Glorious Model I 2 Wireless Gaming Mouse can also be adjusted in four different DPI levels via a switch on the underside of the mouse. The preset DPI values can be changed via the Glorious CORE software.

Versatility and Comfort

As a right-handed mouse, the Glorious Model I 2 has been ergonomically shaped to best suit medium to large hands. Plus, thanks to its ultra-lightweight 75 g design, fatigue will be a thing of the past. The thumb lip provides extra support, whilst the shell's contours comfortably meet your palm.

Designed by passionate gamers and an expert team, this gaming mouse brings comfort together with versatility. There are nine remappable buttons across this mouse, allowing you to customise functionality to suit your playstyle.

Perfect for FPS, MMO oder MOBA

In addition to this, two of the four side buttons can be swapped out for the additional included caps. Removal and installation are easy, as these two buttons are held in place by magnets. It is the third small button and the larger, separate pad which can be exchanged. The extra caps are each shaped to suit different playstyles and game types. Whether you play FPS, MMO, MOBA, or a mix of titles, the Glorious Model I 2 Gaming Mouse can be adapted to complement them all.


Another special feature of the mouse is the software-adjustable debounce time between mouse clicks, which you can set from 0 to 16 ms, to adjust to your click behavior and your chosen weapon. You can also set the lift-off distance between 1 and 2 mm. The mouse provides space for up to three profiles, allowing for quick access to your settings.

The RGB LED strips located on the sides of the mouse also illuminate the interior, which is visible through the honeycomb. The 16.8 million colours and a total of eight effects can be adjusted in the software or switched off, optionally via the switches on the mouse itself instead of in the software. However, the software also offers additional options that make the Glorious Model I 2 Wireless Gaming Mouse the perfect gaming peripheral.

Frictionless Gaming

Enhancing the smooth action, this gaming mouse also features Glorious G-Skates. Utilising four, smaller feet, G-Skates are manufactured from a premium PTFE plastic, selected for its high durability. Their low friction surface means the Glorious Model I 2 will effortlessly glide over your mousepad, desk, or gaming surface.

Form Factor right-handed
Number of Buttons more than 6
Sensor optical
Sensor Model Glorious BAMF
DPI Adjustment yes
DPI max. 26.000 DPI
Cable length 200cm
Connectivity USB, Bluetooth, 2,4 Ghz Wireless
Primary colour black
Lighting yes
Lighting colour RGB (selectable)
Adjustable weight no
Weight in g (exact) 75