Glorious Model D Wireless Gaming-mouse - Black

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The Glorious Model D Wireless is a wireless gaming mouse with six programmable buttons. Thanks to its low weightfirst-class sensor technology, and high-quality build, the mouse is suitable for demanding gamers with eSports ambitions. The stylish honeycomb design guarantees cool hands even on hot summer days and, with its integrated RGB lighting, becomes an absolute eye-catcher.

The Features of the Glorious Model D Wireless Gaming Mouse at a Glance:

  • Ergonomic, wireless tournament mouse with thumb buttons for right-handers

  • Stylish honeycomb design in matte black with a weight of only 69 g

  • Six programmable buttons for individual play styles

  • Flexible, braided USB-C charging cable with a length of 2 m

  • 1,000 hertz polling rate and mouse acceleration up to 50 G

  • Very smooth G-Skates for minimal friction

  • Stylish RGB lighting with 16.8M colours and various effects

Gaming mouse with first-class technology

The Glorious Model D Wireless is a cordless gaming mouse. The high-precision Glorious BAMF sensor, which was designed in cooperation with PixArt, offers a resolution of up to 19k DPI. The tournament mouse also shines with a max. acceleration of 50 G and 400 IPS to reliably process fast mouse movements by low-sensitivity gamers.

The lift-off distance is essential for this type of gamer, as the mouse is always lifted slightly to bring it back into position. With a LoD of 0.7 - 1.7 mm, the Glorious Model D Wireless guarantees for no unwanted mouse movements and that the player will always keep the situation under their control.

The polling rate of 1,000 Hz of the Glorious Model D Wireless guarantees fast, uninterrupted communication between mouse and processor within a 1 ms interval and delay-free transmission. As a result, every key press is processed in almost real time. The mouse communicates with the PC via 2.4 GHz lag-free wireless technology, granting split-second reactions to ever-changing in-game situations.

Its Glorious Switches are designed for at least 80 million clicks to ensure long, trouble-free operation. Thanks to these features, the Glorious Model D Wireless was clearly designed for ambitious enthusiasts and professional eSports gamers alike.

Design, Lighting, Ergonomics

The shell of the Glorious Model D Wireless is made in a stylish honeycomb design, which is responsible for its low weight of only 67 g. This design also offers functional advantages. It increases air permeability, which pleasantly cools the palm on hot summer days and thus prevents perspiration, which in turn increases the grip of the mouse.

Visually, the gaming mouse is taken to the next level by activating the integrated RGB lighting. This 3-zone lighting can be found on both sides of the mouse wheel and runs along both sides of the mouse housing. The RGB lighting may be configured as desired using the Glorious Core software.

The mouse offers a total of six programmable buttons: two main buttons for right and left click, two thumb buttons, a clickable scroll wheel, and a dedicated DPI switch. The G-Skates ensure excellent gliding ability with minimal friction. Four skates are installed as standard, with the option for switching to only two larger skates available, as spares are included in the packaging. The battery lasts up to 71 hours, being charged via a 2 m long, braided USB-C cable

Form Factor right-handed
Number of Buttons 6
Sensor optical
Sensor Model Glorious BAMF
DPI Adjustment yes
DPI max. 19.000 DPI
Cable length wireless, 190 to 209 cm
Connectivity USB Typ A, 2,4 Ghz Wireless
Primary colour black
Secondary colour grey
Lighting yes
Lighting colour RGB (selectable)
Adjustable weight no
Weight in g (exact) 69
Weight in g up to 100 g
Lift Off Distance (LOD) 1,7 mm