Hvid skypad musemåtte 30*35 Cm

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The glass mousepad is an old star in the Nordic gaming field and was a huge success, as glass mousepads are extremely accurate. The glass pad can be used from daily use to pro-gaming  level.

The SkyPAD glass surface consists of a hollow pattern that is burnt into the glass itself and, consequently, does not wear off, even in the event of heavy use. This also means effortless cleaning of the mousepad. Just use your favorite household glass cleaner, wipe with a cloth and the mouse pad is as good as new.

The rubber feet from 3M on the SkyPAD provide a firm and non-slip grip to the table so that the pad does not slip during the often fast movements, that occur during gaming. As the SkyPAD Glass XL has only received 3x sandblasting, it has a very swift and smooth surface. If you want an even smoother and less noisy surface, you can advantageously use Teflon tape on the feet of your mouse, this is a matter of taste.

SkyPAD Glass is made of frosted glass. The glass is then hardened first, then heated to 600-650 degrees and the “shock-cooled”. Due to the rapid cooling, tensions arise in the glass, which makes it VERY strong. Should you drop the pad, it goes into 10,000 dull pieces. So, you will never be able to cut yourself on a SkyPAD Glass.

The SkyPAD Glass XL measures 370x450 mm, it is almost impossible to scratch and it is very sturdy. The super nice surface is impossible to damage due to heavy usage – you have a mousepad for life.

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